We greet states on our part.

           TRADE COMPANY METRO was founded in 1990, right after the stabilization of the free market in Poland.  

Our main function is the import and sale of chemical products for industrial and consumer uses. Located in the most industrially developed part of Poland, the Upper Silesia region, we have always been strategically located for fast and responsive service

Since the beginning, METRO has worked with several international chemical companies like Penray Co. and Tetra Chemicals Europe. Importing their products and distributing them on the European market. Many years of experience in this trade has let us gain a solid, stable, and respected position on the market, with many regular buyers. 

In 2005, our newly formed department, METROCHEM, expanded our product line, to also include inorganic chemicals. With this new department, we now supply products for the food/beverage, chemical, fertilizer, and cosmetic industry. Our longtime contacts with suppliers all around the world insure the competitive prices of our products.

Thanks to our dynamic growth, we have acquired many customers in the Czech Rep., Slovakia and Ukraine. We possess business partners in many European countries and we are continuously expanding our customer group.

Calcium Chloride Section:

Telephone: +48 32 284 13 11
E-mail: office@metrochem.com.pl

Product Specialist:
Alina Kościelny
Telephone: +48 32 284 27 54
E-mail: office@metrochem.com.pl

Sales Person:
Iwona Ciekot
Telephone: +48 32 284 12 75
E-mail: office@metrochem.com.pl

Logistic Specialist:
Halina Noszczyńska
Telephone: +48 32 284 12 75
E-mail: office@metrochem.com.pl